What Makes Haley Wheeler Photography Stand Out

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About Haley Wheeler Photography

I started a photography and videography blog in high school, which gained quite a substantial following. Many people told me that I could turn my passion into a profession, which gave me the confidence to accept an offer to attend Humber’s Creative Photography Program. While studying, I took on my first official clients.

Four years on, photography has become my bread and butter, and I now operate throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas as a freelance photographer and videographer. I specialize in portrait photography but undertake all types of photography and film assignments. I am also willing to travel to take on special photography projects, and my hours are flexible to suit the client.

While I hold scores of professional experience, I am proud to have an Associate Degree in Creative Photography to back my expertise. To earn this degree, I had to take classes that cover all types of photography, social media, entrepreneurship, editing, video, and complete an intense internship at a highly established commercial studio. I also learned additional business skills after working with several marketing companies.

Presently, I am working with a web management team that assists with web design development and social media marketing to generate new leads and contribute to my year-on-year growth.

My business is currently in a state of growth, and like any new company, there are ups and downs. However, throughout the journey, I try new techniques, accept different types of jobs, find feasible solutions, and continue to challenge myself as an entrepreneur.

Summer is usually the busiest time for me. The pleasant weather means happy clients and more outdoors shoots. The beginning of the year also keeps me on my feet, and I get assigned several headshot projects as companies have new goals and plan to execute them. I have also branched out and started offering video services for the first time.

The Haley Wheeler Photography Difference

A typical job for me is broken down into three parts - planning, shooting, and editing. Planning involves talking to my client about their needs, coming up with an idea together, picking a location, and sending them a job quote. Shooting includes setting up my equipment, directing my subject, capturing the desired shots, taking breaks in between for my client to view the images, and using feedback to make any necessary changes. Editing pertains to giving the client access to all the proofs, allowing them to pick favorites, and completing the touch-ups, before releasing the final images.

Each customer is unique and has different needs, which I thrive on as this keeps my job interesting. I am open to my clients’ ideas and give helpful suggestions on what could work or how the concept can be taken to the next level.

Like many artists, photographers are known to be introverted. However, I can strike a balance between keeping my shoots professional, yet laid back, which makes clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and produces the best results. I get told a lot that I am patient, reliable, reasonable, and personable.

What sets me apart from the rest of my competitors is time management. I arrange my schedule to meet deadlines, keep time for personal planning and development, while still finding enough moments to take breaks to relax and refuel. Sometimes, I mix business and pleasure, where I showcase my work at Toronto art galleries, which helps me build valuable connections and new friendships. Another way I meet potential clients and working industry professionals is by attending workshops and networking events. This also keeps me to up to date with the growing trends in my industry.

I graduated from my photography program on the Dean’s list and been a Professional Photographer of Canada (PPOC) candidate and received the David Barker Maltby Award for Social Documentary. These are just a few my accomplishments which make me proud and remind me that hard work and dedication truly pays off.

My dream for the future is to travel to enhance my scope of work by taking on new clients in different countries. I am also planning to move into a new studio of my own which I won’t just use for shooting and office space, but also rent out to other working professionals and host workshops and networking events.

I also believe in giving back to society, and as part of this belief, I have offered free photography services on several occasions for charitable causes that are close to my heart.

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